We will rally across the country at local marches as well as in DC on January 20-21! Find your local march.

Rally connects you to the places and moments that matter. We use crowdpowered travel to mobilize communities. Join an existing trip or create your own, Rally confirms trips on-demand!

Women's March 2017 recap video. All photos and video by Rally.

Women's March FAQs

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We're sorry, trips to this event are no longer available.


How do I know if my trip is confirmed? You’ll receive an email that says, “your trip is confirmed.” You can also log in to your account and check the status of your trip under “My Bookings.” You’ll see your status: “Confirmed” or “Tentative.”

I'm no longer able to make it to the March, can I transfer my seat? No problem, just log in to your account. Select your booking, and click on I would like to Transfer this Booking....

What does “I want to be a bus captain” on the booking page refer to? Thank you to those who have volunteered to be Bus Captains. You’ll be a big part of the day and help everyone have a great trip. You’re going to have special access and a unique phone number to reach Rally. We’ll be in touch soon with more details.

What experience does Rally have of providing transportation to large political marches? On January 21, 2017, Rally mobilized nearly 50,000 people to the Women's March. No one has more experience providing transport to events than Rally.

Is Rally an official partner of Womens March on Washington? No, the Women's March on Washington does not officially endorse any company, including Rally.

Is Rally a political organization? No, we provide transportation for individuals and groups going to thousands of events every year. Rally’s mission has always been to bring people and communities together, so we are personally thrilled to be able to help provide transportation to the Women’s March. While each of us on the team have personal political views, we do not believe private companies are people so Rally does not have a political agenda.

Where can I find more FAQs about Rally? General FAQs and Rally Terms.