Book your seat

It’s easy to find buses going to your favorite events on RallyBus.net. Reserve a seat on one leaving from your town – or, if you don’t see your town listed, add your own Rally Point. We send a bus anywhere you Rally!

When you reserve a seat, you’ll see whether or not the bus has been confirmed. If it says CONFIRMED, it means the bus has reached the minimum reservation threshold and will definitely go to the event. If it has not been confirmed, it will tell you how many more reservations are needed before the trip is a go. That’s where you come in!

Rally your friends

Ride with your friends by letting them know how you're getting there. If your bus hasn’t been confirmed, help it meet the minimum reservation threshold by inviting friends and talking up your trip on social media. We make it easy to tell friends and other fans by including links directly from the site.

Roll with us

Arrive at your Rally Point 15 minutes prior to your scheduled departure on the day of your event, and start getting to know your fellow riders. When the bus arrives, hop on board and enjoy a comfortable ride in a luxury charter with on-board restrooms and entertainment, spacious seats, and ample storage. Some buses even come equipped with electrical outlets and wifi!

Your driver will park in specially designated areas and stay there the whole time, so you know where to find the bus when it’s time to go home. All drivers carry a manifest with all passenger’s names, which they diligently check before departing the event venue so that nobody’s left behind.


How do i sign up?

Visit RallyBus.net to find buses going to your event, or call us toll-free at (855) RALLY BUS (725-5928) to reserve your tickets over the phone. Remember: You won’t pay a dime until we have enough riders to send the bus.

What happens next?

You help power your Rally Bus by sharing your choice with friends and family. (Don’t worry - embedded links on your trip page make it easy.) Once enough people sign up, we send you the good news and confirm the timing. You can also check your trip page at any time to see the latest updates.

If you notice that your location doesn’t have enough riders, or think your friends would like to come along, we make it ridiculously easy to bring new people aboard. If you help your friends sign up, you’ll get discounts, and maybe even free rides for your next trip.

The event is getting close. Now what?

A day or two before your event, we’ll send you an email that includes every single detail about getting there and back. We’ll also introduce you to your driver, so you can say hello when you get on board.

What happens if the bus isn't confirmed?

We do everything we can to make sure your bus is available. If possible, we’ll have a bus make multiple stops, find a smaller bus, or even lose money on the trip -- all to help you get where you need to go.

But if we try all that and still can’t confirm the bus, we’ll tell you two weeks before the event, so you’ll have plenty of time to make new arrangements.

What if I find a cheaper bus ticket to the same event?

We bring modern logistics to the bus industry, which lets us keep our prices low. If you ever see a cheaper bus ticket than the equivalent ticket on Rally Bus, let us know and we’ll drop our price to match.


Event cities with high demand may receive multiple buses. In addition to the trip being confirmed as a stop, each bus must meet a published minimum required number of reservations before it is confirmed. As always, if you reserve and we are not able to confirm your bus, you will be notified and not charged.


What will my bus be like? What kinds of buses do you use?

At Rally Bus, we use luxury motor coaches with on-board restrooms, TVs, DVDs, and plenty of space to store your stuff. Some even have electrical outlets and wifi, so you don’t have to wait until you’re home to post about your event! Check out our bus page for more information and pictures of buses we’ve used before.

For some events, we may use school buses, or luxury limo-buses, and your event will clearly state that when we do.

Can you accommodate riders with disabilities?

We believe that everyone should be able to get where they need to go. Our mission is to make our buses accessible to every single passenger.

There’s plenty of room under each bus to store a folding wheelchair. If you’ll need to store something larger -- like a non-adjustable wheelchair or scooter -- your bus might have enough extra space to make that possible. Contact us to ask.

In order to give you the help you need, we may need up to 72 hours’ advance notice for guests who require: Accommodation of ten or more individuals with disabilities who are traveling as a group; or, Wet cell battery box for a personal wheelchair.

Is there always a restroom on board?

Yes...and it’s always clean! Every Rally Bus includes a bathroom, and you are free to use it as often as you’d like. The bathrooms are cleaned after every trip, and they’ll always have a full bottle of hand sanitizer and a fresh roll of toilet paper just for you.

School buses, however, do not have restrooms.


When should I arrive at my departure point?

First, double-check your trip page to make sure you know the exact schedule, and plan to arrive at your Rally Point 15-20 minutes prior to departure. This gives you time to get settled, and helps the driver get everyone on board.

Will I be on the same bus as my friends? And will I take the same bus back home?

If we send more than one bus from the same city, you’ll be able to take any bus you’d like. Make sure to meet up with your friends beforehand so you can line up and board as a group. Once you choose a bus, you’ll ride the same bus back home.

Uh-oh… I can’t find my bus ticket.

We’re big fans of trees, so we try to stay green by saving paper. Instead of making everyone print their own paper tickets, we give the driver a list of passengers. Please bring a photo ID so that the driver can confirm your seat.

If someone else reserved a seat for you, tell the driver their name. Passengers who bought tickets together but are arriving separately should meet up outside the bus to avoid confusion. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for full details.

What can I bring with me on the bus?

Rally Buses have lots of room to store coolers, suitcases, foam fingers, full-sized mascot costumes, and more. You can take two small items, such as bags and coolers, for the bus itself, as well as two larger items (such as lawn chairs or ski gear) to stow in the undercarriage. It’s okay to bring food and drinks on the bus, but please refrain from using glass containers - we’ve found that no matter how careful people are, they tend to break. We also ask that you clean up your trash before you leave the bus.

What happens if there's traffic?

We do what we can to account for traffic in our schedules. Our drivers also try different routes to get around it. Unfortunately, sometimes there's nothing we can do, which is why we build plenty of padding into our schedules in the hopes of getting you there in time for curtain or kick-off.

How will I find the bus after the event?

Your bus is always parked where you left it. But if you forget, use your app to locate the bus. If all else fails, give us a call and we’ll tell you where to go.

What if the event runs long?

Your bus will almost always wait until the event is over.

We say “almost always” because the U.S. Department of Transportation sets legal limits on the hours that bus drivers can work. If an event runs for so much extra time that we risk going over that limit, the bus may have to leave early –– but we’ll give you as much time as we possibly can. (Once, we had a bus stick around until the 15th inning of a baseball game.)

We’ll also send you email and text updates if there are any changes to your trip at any time. You can rest easy, knowing that we’ll keep you informed.

What if a bus comes late, or needs to cancel?

You’ll receive text and email alerts if your bus will be more than a few minutes late, or if the trip is cancelled. We’ll provide up-to-the-minute updates so you know exactly what’s going on.

If a bus is late but you aren’t receiving alerts, you can call NUMBER to get instant information on the status of your bus. We’ll also update our website as soon as we know why the bus hasn’t arrived.

If a bus is canceled, or comes so late that you’ll miss much of your event, we issue a full refund – but fortunately for us and you, that almost never happens.

What if someone on the bus has a medical emergency?

All Rally Buses come equipped with an up-to-date first aid kit. If any passenger experiences a medical emergency, the driver will immediately pull over and call 911. Meanwhile, the person in trouble will have dozens of people available to help out. Travel is safer when we stick together!

Should I tip the bus driver?

Yes, please! Our drivers are a key part of the experience, and they go the extra mile (yes, that’s a travel pun) to make the bus ride almost as awesome as the event itself. Here are some of the comments we’ve received about our drivers:

"Ray, our bus driver, was a super nice guy, and got us to the game safely despite the numerous inches of snow."
"Our driver Scott was wonderful. He made sure everyone on the bus knew where we were and which bus we were in to make sure we got back on the right bus afterward."
"Our driver, Chief, was the absolute man!"

If you appreciate your driver’s excellent work -- and we think you will -- they always appreciate a small token of your thanks.


I have a question or comment that isn’t answered here. What should I do?

As a young company striving hard to become better every day, we truly value your feedback. We ask every passenger to tell us what they thought of Rally Bus after they get home home –– according to their feedback, we’re improving every year!

To provide Rally Bus with feedback outside the survey, try our Contact page for full information