Rally makes it easy for people get where they want to go, together:



      Rally is crowdpowered travel. Every trip needs a number of seats booked (usually 25) to be confirmed, so once you’ve booked yours, share with friends and watch in real-time as the bus fills up. We don’t charge anyone until the trip is confirmed.


      We’ll send you final departure details and introduce you to your driver, and on the day of, just come to the pickup point before the scheduled departure. When the bus arrives, hop on and relax with other fans along the way. At the end of the event, you’ll take the same bus home.


  • What will my bus be like?

      You’ll ride comfortably in a high-end bus with on-board restrooms and entertainment, spacious seats, and ample storage. The newest buses include electrical outlets and wifi. You can explore our fleet here.

  • Is there a restroom on-board?

      Yes. All our buses include a restroom, which are cleaned and restocked after every trip.

  • When should I arrive at my Rally Point (departure location)?

      Double-check your trip page to make sure you know the exact schedule, and plan to arrive at your pickup point 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure. This gives you time to get settled, and helps the driver get everyone on board.

  • Will there be parking near my Rally Point?

      Rally offers curbside pickup from Rally Points. Often times, we choose Rally Points that have public parking available. Please be sure to obey parking regulations and know that Rally cannot be liable if your vehicle is damaged, ticketed, or towed.

  • How do i make sure i get on the same bus as my friends?

      If multiple buses are leaving the same pickup point, you and your friends can take whichever you prefer. Just line up together and board as a group. Once you choose a bus, you’ll ride the same one back home.

  • Can i leave my stuff on the bus?

      Yes. You’ll take the same bus there and back. Our buses are locked up during the event, but we can’t be responsible for anything lost.

  • Where’s my ticket?

      Your booking number is your ticket. Use the kiosk on the bus to scan, swipe or tap your info, or just check your name with the driver, and you’ll be welcomed aboard.

  • What happens if not enough people book?

      Rally is crowdpowered travel. A trip gets confirmed once a certain number of riders book seats (usually 25), and it has until two weeks before departure to reach that point. If a trip isn’t confirmed, we’ll let you know right away so you have plenty of time to make other arrangements. Either way, you won’t pay a dime if the trip isn’t confirmed.

  • Why can’t a trip go with fewer than 25 people?

      Rally connects people who are headed the same way. By traveling together with a certain number of other people, everyone gets a good price. Below a certain number of seats, we wouldn’t be able to keep the price of each seat competitive.

  • What can i bring with me on the bus?

      Every passenger can carry on two small items (like bags and coolers), and store two larger items (like lawn chairs or ski gear) in the undercarriage. We welcome food and drinks on the bus, but can’t allow glass containers. The safety of our passengers is our priority, and we’ve found that no matter how careful people are, glass tends to break. We also ask that you clean up your seat area before you leave the bus.

  • How will i find the bus after the event?

      Your bus will always be parked where you exited. If you can’t find it, just use our app to locate the bus or give us a call and we’ll direct you.

  • What if a bus comes late?

      Our mobile app lets you track the location of your bus at any time on the day of the event. If the bus will be more than a few minutes late, you’ll receive notice by email and text. You can also always call 855-725-5928 to ask any questions or get the latest status of your trip. If, due to an extreme circumstance, your bus comes so late that you’ll miss most of your event, we’ll issue a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Can you accommodate riders with disabilities?

      We strive to make our fleet accessible to everyone. There’s plenty of room under each bus to store a folding wheelchair. If you’ll need to store something larger (like a non-adjustable wheelchair or scooter) get in touch and we’ll do what we can to make it work.

  • What if someone on the bus has a medical emergency?

      Our whole fleet comes equipped with up-to-date first aid kits. If any passenger experiences a medical emergency, our driver will pull over and call 911.

  • Should I tip the bus driver?

      Yes please! Our drivers go the extra mile to make the trip almost as awesome as the event itself. If you appreciate their work — and we think you will — they’d certainly appreciate a small token of your thanks.

  • Who is liable if I trip or fall, or incur any accident, at the Rally Point?

      Individuals are liable for themselves to board the bus in a safe manner.

  • I have a question that isn’t answered here.

      Give us a call 855-725-5928 or send us an email. We’d love to chat. You may also find the answer in our Terms and Conditions.

  • I have an idea for how you can improve...

      We work hard every day to deliver better service, and we truly value your feedback. We ask every passenger to tell us what they thought of Rally after they get home, and we use their feedback to constantly improve our service. Take our survey or feel free to contact us directly.