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Rally Bus to Lake Havasu City is a service that provides transportation to all Lake Havasu City, AZ events.

We use technology and great local charter bus operators to offer round trip and one-way bus travel from a Rally Point near you to Lake Havasu City. Check out the upcoming events in Lake Havasu City, AZ and book Rally for the best way to get there. Parking in Lake Havasu City is expensive because of surge demand around events and traffic in Lake Havasu City, AZ is expected to be difficult to navigate on event day.

Rally also offers service from Lake Havasu City to events all around the city. Meet your friends at the Rally Point and travel together! Or check out other Rally cities in Arizona.

Get together and go with Rally and ride above traffic while enjoying entertainment and access to a restroom on our high-end buses. Download the Rally app and get real-time updates on trip status and bus location to make your travel to even easier. Find out more about Rally Bus or get an introduction with answers to your first-time questions. And feel free to contact us for more information, we love hearing your thoughts and suggestions!