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Sanford Stadium is the on-campus playing venue for football at the University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia, United States. The 92,746-seat stadium is the seventh largest stadium in the NCAA. Architecturally, the stadium is known for the fact that its numerous expansions over the years have been carefully planned to fit with the existing "look" of the stadium. Games played there are said to be played "Between the Hedges" due to the privet hedges, which have stood around the field, originally in 1929, but removed in the summer of 1996; new, albeit considerably shorter, hedges were restored in the fall of 1996. Georgia-style tailgaiting was, in my humble opinion, a milder (classier?) affair. Tables were set up and decorated, numerous SUVs were parked and booze flowed freely. Red and Black was displayed prominently by almost every person that I saw, with the exception of the Auburn fans (who were treated very well, I might add). The food was a little simpler, with the barbecues somewhat less utilized than I was used to - but then again, Penn Staters REALLY like their BBQ. Everything was a little smaller, and yet had a bit more dignity than the hot dogs and burgers I have grown to love. The people at the tailgate were all incredibly friendly, even for us outsiders - and they had all obviously been doing this for a long, long time, giving it almost a family feel (without the bickering). In general, everyone was a little better dressed than your typical PSU or Delaware game where sweatshirts and football jerseys are the habillement du jour. One thing that I found odd was that RV's were relegated to far distant parking lots and the tailgaters from those lots were shuttled to the stadium. But overall, as far as tailgates go, I would have to give it a B+, mostly on the friendliness of the crowd.

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Capacity: 92,746
Completed: 1929
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