Rally to Patriots @ Bills

Buses to New Era Field in Orchard Park, New York - Sunday, October 30, 2016

Book your seat for travel on a high-end bus to New England Patriots vs Buffalo Bills at New Era Field in Orchard Park, NY on Sunday, October 30, 2016 without the hassles of driving, parking, or navigating traffic. Travel is better together with Rally!

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We're sorry, trips to this event are no longer available.


My booking isn’t confirmed yet, when will it be? In order to keep prices as low as possible we are confirming routes that have 40 seats booked. Trips that don’t meet this minimum will be routed together to be confirmed. We’re also working through vetting schedules and demand for custom routes you've created. If you don’t see your trip confirmed yet please bear with us as we do so.

What buses do you use? We carefully vet every bus operator to ensure we only use those with the highest vehicle and driver safety records. We use modern motorcoaches, with comfortable seats as well as a restroom on-board. No one has more experience working with motorcoach travel in the United States than us.

Is Rally an official partner of Women’s March on Washington? No, the Women’s March on Washington is a grassroots march which does not officially endorse any company including Rally.

What experience does Rally have of providing transportation to mass political marches? Rally was started to help people attend Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert’s mass rally in DC. Since then we've taken over half a million riders on trips throughout the country including thousands to other marches in Washington such as Reason Rally and UNITE to Face Addition.

What does the bus captain I noticed on the booking page refer to? Bus captains are a big part of the day, they help ensure everyone has a great trip. There are volunteer roles that help co-ordinate the group on a bus, they don't work for Rally. We’ll have more details nearer the time.

What time will my bus be arriving and leaving Washington D.C.? The default arrival time for regular trips is 10 AM and the departure time from DC is currently scheduled for 6:30PM. However, trips that are over 300 miles from DC will be arriving at 9 AM and trips that are over 500 miles will arriving at 8 AM. Both will be departing at 8 PM. This is to meet DOT regulations and allow drivers time to rest.

Is Rally a political organization? No, we provide transportation for individuals and groups going to events. Rally’s mission has always been to bring people and communities together, so we are personally thrilled to be able to help provide transportation to the Women’s March. While each of us on the team have our personal political views, we do not believe private companies are people so Rally does not have a political agenda.